VirtualDeviceVariables not showing Actions anymore

Hi @bill

I’m using Designer and was trying to change on of my action collections on a VirtualDeviceVariable. The strange thing is: All VirtualDeviceVariables are missing the Actions, StatusVariable, MappingVariable and VariableMappings entries. The settings only have DefaultValue & Description.

So where have my action collections gone which I used as Macros?

BTW: Is there a documentation about those new actions & scenes. I seem to find nothing in the docs at all.

You will need to enable the “Is Legacy” Advanced Setting if you wish to use VirtualDeviceVariable Actions. Those have since been replaced by Scenes.

You can learn more about Scenes here:

Hey Bill,

Thanks for you suggestion.

But there’s 2 problems with “IsLegacy” currently.
1.) It doesn’t work, it only brings back the “Events” section with “ValueChanged” (Script) but not the Actions, Bindings, Mappings, etc. in the “Settings” which I would need to check the Old Action Collections to re-create them as scenes
2.) Enabling “IsLegacy” disables “Plugins” which I need for communication with OpenHab.

I actually like the concpet of Scenes now that I’ve read about it, but nevertheless you broke backwards comptability by automatically disabling VirtualDevice Actions in non-legacy mode with plugins. So, I’m actually willing to transfer my VirtualDeviceVariables to Scenes because it seems to make sense but I need to be able to examine the existing actions somehow cause it would take many hours to create all of them from scratch. Will you fix that IsLegacy will properly show the old fields in Settings includings actions etc. or can I check them in another way so I can copy & paste them mostly?

Cause with the current designer I see no possibility to check the old Actions somewhere. Thanks for any help on this.

Here’s an older build you can use where those properties are still visible. It’s only a couple versions back so it should be compatible with everything in your projects.

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