Zwave Dimmer Switch

Did you start with an exported HRP from the apps or are you starting from scratch with the Designer?

It will probably help if you started with an export from the apps. Install the Home Remote app on your phone or tablet & add Home Assistant directly to it. Then go to the Settings page & create a Backup. You can open that Backup with the Designer. That exported project uses Templates & Groups so it’ll give you a better idea about how they work together with @Device.

Hmmm… I maybe over my head with you program.
I did what you have suggested. I added my home assistant instance and saved as a backup. I loaded it in the designer and my dimmer switch come thru as a on/off switch with no dimming options. I tried to change the Tile Template and Details Template from Switch to Dimmer. I tested in the simulator but its giving an invalid message.

Look at the device’s Capabilities in the properties pane. Does it have the SwitchLevel capability assigned to it?

No it does not show Switch Level only Switch.

Then your Home Assistant “entity” does not support dimming control. What’s the Id for the device object? It should include the “entity” type.

The Home Assistant “switch” entity does not support dimming.

What entity is the official Home Assistant dashboard using to control the dimming level?

Only the “light” entity has dimming control. I really think you are using the wrong entity for this device.

In home assistant it shows light.kitchen_lights
I am able to dimm the light with the brightness slider when I select the entity

OK. So “light.kitchen_lights” is the entity Id which is good. Now, is this the same entity you are trying to control with Home Remote?

Look in the Properties pane in Home Remote. Is the Id also “light.kitchen_lights”?

Yes it does

should device type be changed?

My guess is that Home Assistant integration you are using for this dimmer is not properly setting the “SUPPORT_BRIGHTNESS” flag. If it did, the Home Remote would have automatically added SwitchLevel to the Capabilities on this object. Manually enter it & see if it works. Update the capabilities to look like this:


I have noticed that my Zwave switches that are also dimmers are showing the same. Only dimmable light bulbs have the level option

Did what I just suggest fix it?

Also change the TileTemplate to => DimmerTile.xaml & the DetailsTemplate to => DimmerDetails.xaml

Yes that worked. Thanks. Would you have any templets or examples that I can copy off from. Im trying to get a better looking dashboard then what I can get with Lovelace in HA

I’m looking for a simplistic but elegant design for my dashboard.
Something kind of like this

The templates I designed are those in the Templates folder. You can modify those if you want or copy them & create new ones.

That looks similar to the Savant inspired one that Federico posted here. You can ask him if he’ll share that with you.

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