Containing a Details Tile to Within a Page Browser

I have a page browser and buttons on the top that load different pages based on the button pressed. This all works great, noting up until now I don’t use any device browsers as I have linked each light to an individual control.

I added a device browser for media which loads the google speakers in my house, also working great. When I click on the media tile and the details tile opens it opens using the complete screen. Is there a way to contain the details tile to the page browser boundary?

No, not automatically. You’ll have to write your own click logic the sets the Page property on the PageBrowser control to your details page.

Many thanks for your super fast reply @bill . I am a very keen enthusiast without a lot of experience. Is it something someone could give me a few tips as to where I do this?

The Page property on the PageBrowser, like any property, can be changed with a PropertyAction (Property Setter) in your Clicked EventTrigger’s Actions.

Danny… Wondering if you were able to figure this out? I am trying to do what sounds like the same thing. I got a Harmony device (MediaControllerTile) (Watch TV or Watch DVD) loading in a device browser, and wanting the page browser right next to it, to load with the MediaControllerTileDetails based on which ever one is active. I watched the @Tarkus 's video on page browsers where he did something similar with buttons, but not quite the same thing. Looking at @bill 's response, i set the page browser propertyaction target to the device browser and its property to device and then what… value to “isclicked”, but I am unclear why that would work (and of course it doesnt), and how it could ever work because clicking the tile in the device browser takes you to another screen. I suppose that could be changed by having that collection use a custom tile that doesnt load the details page, but instead just registers a click working more like a button?

Hi @cooltouch I haven’t had a chance to have a look at this but I don’t understand what I have to do. I am super keen to learn HR but not a programmer so it takes me a while to work things out. If I get it sorted I will definitely post it here.

Not quite sure if it amounts to the same but I wanted to do a camera pop up for some given time for a chosen/triggered area and @bill told me to create a “scene
Look here : If similar. You may need to create extra pages for the contents you want to show.