IP Commands to Onkyo Txnr838

Hi, Can anyone please tell me how to get a command working to switch the receiver on and off and select a AV Input. I notice in the capabilities list that the particular command (select BD/DVD) input or (on/off) are not in the list. Is this because they are not available ? If I have the neework codes, can they be added ?
Please see my attached hrp file. By the way the volume slider works OK
Thank You01-08-21 test.hrp (132.7 KB)

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I took a quick peek at your project.

Looks like you’ve got the general idea of clicked triggers figured out - you’re just not having any luck pairing the right bindings (commands) with the right variables (values).

Luckily there is a handy trick for figuring these out for new devices. Just use a Label control who’s text value is bound to the Binding you’re curious about. For example:
I’ve modified and attached your project to include a label that (when the project is run) will display whatever the current value of the {Binding Txnr838.InputSource} actually is.

  • Run the project
  • Go physically push the input button you want to know the name of on your receiver
  • Note down what the text value has changed to back in the designer.
  • Now you can modify your InputSource button to pass in that variable.

For Power Toggle, take a look at the Binding Txnr838.Switch for power status.

01-08-21 test.hrp (132.7 KB)

Hi Brian, thank you so much for your reply. I still cant get the commands to work. I noted down the text values that came back and placed these values in the VALUE field but none of my buttons do anything. I have also tried different bindings and still no joy. Any other ideas would be welcomed. Thanks02-08-21 cmd_feedback_test .hrp (132.7 KB)

Is it powered on? I just tested your project with my receiver & the BLURAY and AUX buttons worked for me. Those 2 buttons appear to be setup correctly. The only thing I can think of is that maybe your receiver is off or standby mode.

Hi Bill yes it’s definately on as I can see the label change when I change the inputs via the receiver buttons., also the volume slider is working cottectly

Do you use the Onkyo Controller app?

Have you tried the default Home Remote templates? They use a MediaBrowser control to browse & change the inputs.

What I think might be happening is that this may be an older pre-2016 model. Yours is an older 2014 model. Those I don’t believe provide the ability to get all of the available source inputs for the receiver. If it doesn’t support NRIQSTN then Home Remote can’t validate the input command since the input list is empty. That’s why those source commands aren’t working.

The current integration is optimized for 2016 models or newer. I’ll look into seeing what I can do for older models.

Hi Bill, in Irule I can copy the command code for the inputs and send it to you if that would help prove the issue?

Hi Bill, yes the Controller app for my android phone works ok. Please finOnkyo Receiver Commands.txt (559 Bytes) d attached some of the irule command codes. I hope these help. Of course i can send them all if necessary.

Thank You

No. What you could do is write a plugin to send those commands. Here’s a TCP example you can use as a reference.

It’s hard to believe that the “Onkyo Controller” app is compatible with your 2014 receiver. You have to be using their older Remote app. Look very closely at the link I sent earlier & look at the screenshots in the store listing. I really doubt that is what you were using.

Hi Bill you are correct
There are 2 apps available and the one I’m using is “onkyo remote” and not the one you mention, sorry. As for the plug in, I have absolutely no programming experience except for “basic” back in my school days. I’m up for a challenge though and will try.
Thank you

Hi Bill, I have tried to modify this plugin to control my Onkyo amplifier via IP commands. I have incorporated some of my command strings but when I try and import the "code"into home remote I get the message "Line 14 Unexpected token ILLEGAL"message. I took the projector plugin and changed the ip address and port and then added my Onkyo commands but it does not work. I didn’t expect it to be that simple though! Can you tell me what file format these plugins should have. If I try to open one it tries to open it as a pdf , which it clearly isn’t. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank YouOnkyo.txt (1.4 KB)

Any help would be gratefully received!

Your syntax is incorrect. Everything should be converted to hex. Then those should be preceded by 0x just like those commands from the original plugin.

Are you 100% positive that BLURAY button in your project doesn’t work?

If that Label underneath of it displays “BD/DVD” then that button should work. Can you please try that button again?

Hi Bill I will double check the command. Could you please take one of my previously attached onkyo commands and enter them into the plug in for me to try. I can then add all the others. Also, once I have edited the plug in text file how do i save it as a plug in file. Thank you

Hi Bill, I have once again tried various bindings and command syntax with no joy (see attached hrp) I can confirm that as I manually alter the input on the receiver the label shows the correct selected input but none of my remote buttons work.030821ONKYO.HRP (132.7 KB)

Hi Bill, I’030821_Onkyo_plugin_test1.hrp (130.5 KB) ve now tried what you said with one BD/DVD command. Changing the command to Hex and padding. Can you see anything wrong now. the button still does nothing ?

Your command is still not correct. Here’s the hex array for the !1SLI10 command

[0x49, 0x53, 0x43, 0x50, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x10, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x08, 0x01, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x21, 0x31, 0x53, 0x4c, 0x49, 0x31, 0x30, 0x0d]

Here’s the revised file:
030821_Onkyo_plugin_test2.hrp (130.5 KB)

Bill your a genius, finally the command works but please tell me what I was doing wrong in detail.

Thank you sooo much

Can anyone else (except Bill as I have bothered him enough lately!) take a look at my plugin and hrp file and give me some advice on how I can possibly add feedback and control of volume i.e to add a slider control. I presume if it aint in my plugin then it wort work ?
Onkyo2 Inputs working 5-08-21.hrp (130.5 KB)
2working Onkyo Plugin From Bill.txt (1.6 KB)

You need to have feedback working in order to use the Slider. That’s something you can do with plugins but it does require more programming. If your receiver allows more than 1 connection I’d keep both the official integration & the plugin in your project. If not, I’ll try to add a way for you to change inputs using the official integration without needing a custom plugin. I can try to add that to one of the upcoming releases.

Thanks Bill I was hoping someone else would help to lessen the load. I never thought of running both at the same time, ill give it a try