Kodi Plugin (GridView)

Kodi GridView Plugin.hrp (65.3 KB)

Attached a custom Kodi project, includes a plugin that can be used either with the project or as a strandalone for commands and nowplaying etc.

Requires 3 settings - ip address, jsonserver (normally 9090) and webserver (normally 8080). Currently set for no user or password although this can be added if needed.



Very nice! Great job! I was wondering when we were going to get the chance to see this:)

Thanks Bill. I was not able to fix the selected issue I asked about, maybe someone else will be able to fix it. It didnt matter where I set the Selection attritbute to -1 or null or “” the selected gridview item remained selected - is it because im updating the same gridview and repopulating? I plan to update it a little, Kodi is entirely JSON controlled so there are lots of options for it.

Im not sure who uses Kodi these days though :slight_smile:

This is really cool! I may have to get a kodi box setup again… its been a while.

What device do you use to run kodi? I used to use a (cheap china made) Android set-top-box which randomly stopped working (stuck at the boot screen). Any recommendations?

I would most likely setup IR control from a GC-IP2IR for things like navigation and JSON for everything else. I have thousands of movies on my storage server I’d love to resurrect. :grinning:

Hi Jeff,

Ive used lots of boxes over the years, the rpi works really nicely using libreelec but ive also used cheap android boxes. I have it now on a firestick plus the rpi. I dont use Kodi much these days, so if you get chance to play with the plugin and somethings missing let me know.


I use a Vero 4K. It’s custom made by the developer of OSMC. It’s the only Kodi box I’ve had that has never had any issues. It will play anything I can throw at it with ease. They’re pricey but you will never want for a different box.

Thanks for the hard work John! I’m about to integrate and test drive. If I have more than one Kodi box, how do I handle this? Do I copy and paste the kodi plugin and script multiple times and give them different IP addresses? Or different names?

I got a message when importing the plugin “commands not defined”.

Kodi GridView Plugin1.hrp (65.3 KB)


I can re create the issue. It seems that on first syncronise the onConnect code stops the devices being added. Strangly if you temporarily remove this code and syncronise first time then re-add it, it works each “new” syncronsie. Im not sure why. See the attached code example. - (note the /* and */ in the code which removes it as active code)

Note Ive changed the ids to be generated as K1,K2,K3 rather than 1,2,3 to avoid conflicting with existing plugin ids.


Yes, this one works great. Thanks!

Great stuff. DId you have to remove the onConnect code on your initial syncornise? Let me know how it works, what is missing etc and I will update it. I havent done a great amount of testing with it.


No I didn’t, it worked right out of the box! Thanks, I’m testing now. There are a few fields that I use that are not on here like resolution, audio channels, etc but I’m trying to learn so I’m going to attempt to have a go at it myself first. I’ll ask for help when I need it though.

Sure no problem - adding commands to the script is really easy - just add it to the list in the same format:


I added shutdown and info to a later version but its not included in the one I posted earlier, mustve copied the wrong one. I also havent included Audio Library but this could be added at some point.

To help with the JSON commands try the JSON rpc browser addon.

change to previous audio stream is:


Hi Bill,

Is there a pending update to the IOS app that will enable web thumbnails in gridview you mentioned, it works for me in the designer but not on my ipad?

Kodi GridView Plugin (3).hrp (67.4 KB)


Added Music Library
Updated with Play Full album and also explore album and select songs.
Added Music Playlist (edit 17/06)

TV and Music Search
TV and Music Genre Options

The code is quite complex now so there WILL be some bugs. Enjoy :slight_smile:
I will need to refine the thumbnails for audio library as mine are all local files - AudioDB files function will need added.


Support for image URLS was added in 3.1.0. You’ll need that version or later.