Migrating from ImperiHome

Hello ppl,

While iam in the process of migrating from ImpHome i managed to find most thinga i need.
Iam really trying to stay close to the ImpHome layout as much as possible since well, i liked it haha.
However, iam stumbling upon something small you guys are probably easy to explain to me.
On the right i have some Fibaro Scenes and they do work but when i press the “button” there is not really feedback like "haptic or “lighting up” ör whatever some kind of indication the button actually pressed.
Pretty sure its just an event or data thinky i have to activate or check but cant find it.

On the Buttons in the dimmers i do have data triggers that acually switch the icon between an on bulb and a off bulp but since well, the scenes arent really an “On and Off” state hence that will not suffice.
Any tips?

Also, enjoy your weekend and have a good one peeps!


I’m guessing you are using the ImageButton control & not the Button. The Button, which also supports images, does have built-in press animations. The ImageButton does not. These posts should answer your question.

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Ahh, great. I will look into that “Button” i was indeed using the “ImageButton” method.
Works like a charm now, thx!

Over all its a steep learning curve hahaha, Its almost more complicated than Android Studio but ill manage iam sure.
At least the support is great!


Still work in progress but at least its coming along :slight_smile:

ImperiHomeTHR.hrp (340.5 KB)