Settings for Android

Are there settings for following: hide Android bars, stay awake, use as Home app, screensaver?

Thinking about using HR as wall-mounted dashboard.

All 3 of the Android bars can be hidden: Status bar, App/Action bar, Navigation bar. Every page has settings to control their visibility. If you’d like to hide them globally, you only need to make the change in MainPage.xaml.

Stay Awake is not currently supported in the app but you can use the Android OS to force the tablet to stay on. I never really considered adding this as an app option since it can already be done at the system level. You can submit a feature request if this is setting you’d like to see the app itself manage.

I’m not for sure I know what you mean by “use as Home app”. Can you explain this to me a bit more?

Screen savers are supported. These can be implemented using Idle Events. Here is an example I shared in that discussion.

Thanks for the info.
The home app means that whenever device boots up or home button is pressed, that app is shown. In wall-mounted dashboard that is handy, if there is power break then device will automatically boot to show the dashboard. And pressing home button (some older devices have even physical home button) will just show the dashboard and prevents users to go messing around. I am not an Android expert but other term for this could be “launcher app”.

I don’t think auto launching an app or customizing the Home button is something that would have to be built into the Home Remote app. Those are probably system settings that can be tweaked outside of the app. I’m sure that someone out there on the web that can walk you through it. Guessing their approach is going to be generic enough to where you’d just have to substitute the Home Remote package id.

Yes, maybe possible with some system settings, does anybody know?

I have been testing other dashboard app (Homehabit), it has this Home app setting and as a user it’s quite convenient to just enable it there.

Try this

Thanks, it works. The free version let’s you to try, 10$ for license.

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OK, Android bars are now hidden. But how to then hide the menu inside HR app sliding from left?

I watched the Getting started videos and succesfully have now setup that HR starts to certain page. But cannot find any settings to get rid off this menu even all IsVisible settings are set to false.

There currently isn’t an option to disable that menu entirely. It will always open whenever you can slide from the left.