Switch informations


I can’t figure out how a switch works.
Let me explain :
I can turn a lamp on and off with Home Remote Designer, but when the lamp is turned on from alexa or some other way I don’t have the “On” status in Home Remote Designer
I apologize for these neophyte questions

What switch are you using? Some devices use polling which are slow to update status… how long did you wait?

I think it is me who does not know how to do it because I have sonoff relays, meross sockets, konyks contactors, Tuya smart Life switches etc and I do not see how to reassemble the states of my devices if they are activated from the different applications (EweLink, alexa, Tahoma etc.)
thank you for your comeback

This was explained here.

If you want quicker updates, link Tuya to SmartThings then SmartThings to Home Remote.

I linked SmartLife with Smartthings to solve the device status delay in THR. It works fine but there is a problem: all devices (switches) in my Smartthings account appear with the name “Main” in THR (does not load the names given in Smartthings) making it extremely difficult to correctly identify each device in the THR.

This has been fixed in